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Izhar Har-Lev

Mosad 101 TV Series - Reshet
Screens TV series - yes
Gordin Cell TV series - yes
Mossad 101 Season 2 Reshet TV
Phobidilia Trailer HOT

Izhar Har-Lev Writer

Izhar is one of the most acclaimed screenwriter in Israel and the author of three highly praised novels. His first novel, Povidilya, was adapted to a feature film that participated in Berlin Film Festival. Izhar was the head writer for two seasons of the YES TV series Screenz and the head writer of the praised TV series The Gordin Cell that was sold to NBC. He is the creator and head screenwriter of the TV series Mossad 101 that was sold to Netflix and Turner Latin America, and is broadcasted in more than 40 countries. Izhar was also one of the Plot developers and screenwriter of the Drama Series Your Honor which won first prize at ‘Series Mania’ festival and was sold to ‘Showtime’. Currently Izhar is working on the third season of Mossad 101 and developing several other TV shows (both dramatic and comic) for various broadcasters.