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Michael Sasson

Soda Stream Allenby
Shufersal Gitam BBDO
Soda Stream Allenby
Delta Adler Chomski Grey
Bezeq Adler Chomski Grey
Netta - TOY Israel Eurovision Music Video 2018
Osem Gitam BBDO
Electra Adler Chomski Grey
Strauss Elite Coffee Baumann Ber Rivnay Saatchi & Saatchi
Tadiran Reuveni Pridan IPG
Osem Humus Tzabar McCann
Tadiran Reuveni Pridan IPG
Delta Adler Chomsky Grey
Castro Jeans Reuveni Pridan IPG
Tnuva YOLO McCann

Michael Sasson Set Designer

One of the leading set designers in the field for twenty years, Michael is responsible for the look of top commercials shot both in Israel and overseas, as well as for television studio sets and reality tv including the house for “Big Brother.” In addition to being a talented and sought-after designer, today Michael also develops and designs television formats. He is a graduate of Bezalel’s Architecture division and a lecturer in the field of Spatial Visual Design at the School of Design & Innovation at the College of Management Academic Studies.