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Omer Asaf

Carline maskara Brukner Yaar Levi
Sano Brukner Yaar Levi
Lon Color
Style Brukner Yaar Levi
Delta Adler Chomsky Grey
Crema Man Glickman Shamir Samsonov publicis
Lottery Mifal hapais Gitam BBDO
Telma Bernflakes Baumann Ber Rivnai Saatchi&Saatchi
Yoplait Tnuva McCann
Sano Maxima Brukner Yaar Levi
Careline Brukner Yaar Levi
Careline Brukner Yaar Levi
Tadiran Reuveni Pridan IPG
Careline Shampoo Brukner Yaar Levi

Omer Asaf Hair & Makeup Artist

Omer has been a professional makeup artist and hair designer for over 15 years. He started his career in various fashion productions, eventually focusing on commercials and specializing in beauty. Among his clients one can find some of the top cosmetics and beauty companies such as Careline, Natural Formula, Crema, and Superpharm. In 2006, Omer has also entered the content world, and is often hired as a character designer, developing the looks of TV characters. In 2008, he was appointed artistic designer at Careline and head hair designer at Natural Formula. In both positions, Omer is in charge of developing new products for the companies, trusted with laying out their artistic agenda, visual language and promoting them in various marketing platforms.