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Oran Avivi

Plus 500
AMPM Great
Alma Laser
MIS Vconcept
Royalty Hevron Zalsman
Seedo - Let it Grow!
U Boutique Kinneret - Fatal
Fattal Rothschild 22
Vuze Camera
Fiat 500 Adler Chomski Grey
Carolina Lemke Berlin Reuveni Pridan IPG
Fattal Hotels

Oran Avivi DOP

Oren Avivi is a cinematographer with vast experience in shooting features, commercials and stills. He has a wide understanding of the clients’ needs and the production process. He began his career at a very young age, encouraged by his father. In his military service, he was trained as an operational photographer, after which he studied photography in Hadassah Academic College. He founded the production company Mamash Productions and for many years, shot most of the company’s projects. Oren has worked with some of the biggest brands and ad agencies in the industry, among them Keter, Fattal Hotels, Bank HaPoalim, Robotics MIS, and Iron Source.