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Shahar Amarilio

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Shahar Amarilio Editor

Shahar is an award winning editor and musician, with 20 years of experience in film and television. He started out as an editor at the “Keshet” Promo Department and was responsible for some of the most prominent campaigns in Israel. He is the founder of “Shortcut-Playground”, a leading creative-post production studio, where he worked for 15 years as a professional manager and creative director. The company won dozens of international awards as well as the Israeli TV Academy Awards for “MK22” and “MB22”, an animation series for Fox’s FX channel. Since leaving the company’s management, Shahar has been working as an Editor-in-Chief and Art Director for TV Channels (Keshet, Reshet). He conducted packaging and branding for dozens of channels and programs, and is working as a freelance editor, After Effects artist and a ProTools sound and music designer.His collaborative dance works with choreographer Noa Shadur (“Give Me a Break”, “We Do Not Torture People”) and director Adi Halfin (“Home Alone”) have won numerous international prizes.