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Yuval Artzi

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Coca Cola Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis
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Tony Vespa
Opel Leomek Hatodah
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Shufersal Gitam BBDO
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Webee The Box
Freia Call My Name
Victoria Hanna The Aleph-bet song
Hadar Mall Ecaliptoos
Tamir Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis

Yuval Artzi Editor

Yuval is an experienced video editor with a fast, sharp and fresh style. He has worked as an editor in campaigns for leading brands such as Wix, Osem, Castro, Goldstar, Prigat, Wisotzki, and Google. Yuval’s editing style is characterized as dynamic and precise with an intuitive approach and an affinity to the world of After Effects. Yuval also edited music videos for notable artists such as Victoria Hanna, Water Knot, Dana Ivgy and Buttering Trio. His works have earned praise and acclaim worldwide.