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Eyal Elisha


Eyal Elisha is a director and versatile creative content person with absolute control of the film language that enables him to bring every script to the screen in the most correct and suitable way, whether it is a movie, TV series, commercials or music video.
In Eyal’s first year as a director, he managed to make a series for “KAN 11”, a short film screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival, two documentaries for the international YesChef platform, clips, and commercials.
Elisha began his career as a director of photography and very quickly reached the biggest sets alongside the צםדא important directors of Israel’s industry. The knowledge and tools he acquired on the set over hundreds of filming days he took part in, brought him to the director’s chair with a tremendous advantage. Beyond the high aesthetics and technical understanding, Eyal brings with him a creative thinking, problem-solving ability with productive tools and team management at the highest level.