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showreel 2019

Haichang Ocean Park

Avi Karpick

Avi Karpick


Avi Karpick, one of the top DOP’s in Israel and abroad, with more than 30 years of experience shooting commercials worldwide. Many of the campaigns, shot by him, won the most prestigious prizes in the international advertisement field. Among his clients are the top brands in the market such as – McDonalds, Coca Cola, Heineken, Orange, Turkish airlines, Ikea and more. During the years Avi developed his special eye-print and unique technique in Tabletop shooting who requires complex SFX and breathtaking beauty. Despite his rich and glorious experience, he is still young in his soul and draws his joy of life out of curiosity, exploration and discovery of new things, as well as quality time with his two beloved granddaughters.