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Daphna Levin


Daphna is one of Israel’s most remarkable and talented directors and screenwriters. She has directed hundreds of commercials for leading local and international brands. She is known for her gift of drawing out real emotions from actors while creating an overall authentic feel and atmosphere, capturing the dramatic as well as the humorous with admirable precision. She is an award-winning director and screenwriter who worked on numerous TV shows, including the hit Israeli series, In Treatment, that sold to HBO, for which she won two Israeli TV Academy Awards. She wrote and directed the TV drama Three Fingers that was nominated for Best TV Drama. She is the creator of the TV shows Nevelot and Euphoria which recently was bought by HBO. She is the director, creator and screenwriter of the new TV sereies “MÍGUEL” who is now nominated in Cannes Series Festival 2018 for the following categories: series, director, screenwriter, music and special content.