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misha kaminsky


Misha was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Israel at young age.
In his work, he’s recognized for the inspiration he draws from the worlds of choreography, fashion, painting, and architecture.
Misha has plenty of experience in shooting advertisements for mega brands such as Chevrolet, Soda-Stream, Wix and many others.
Shooting music videos is also a skill that Misha garnered for himself over the years, as he shot for the biggest artists of Israel (Noa Kirel, Noga Erez, Ivri Leader, Ninet Tayeb and more…)
In 2022, Misha shot the first season of the Israeli TV show “Bloody Murray” starring Naomi Lebov and Rotem Sela.
In addition, he shot short films that won festivals around the world and video art projects that were presented in selected galleries and museums