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Ofir Peretz

Ofir Peretz


Ofir is a director, editor, screenwriter, and Tisch School for Film & Television, Tel Aviv University graduate.

At the age of 21, after military service as an editor and director in the film unit, Ofir began his professional career as the director of photography on “Me’usharot” a television series under prolific documentary filmmaker Orna Ben-Dor. In the decade since he first stepped into the field, Ofir’s credits as a cinematographer include a wide range of television shows, commercials, and music videos, working with Noga Erez, Dudu Tessa, Margie, Rif Cohen, Hadag Nachash, and many others. His work has often given him the opportunity to collaborate with senior directors in the industry in Israel.

Having specialized as a cinematographer, he has since made the transition to the director’s chair, giving his works the unique aesthetic touch he has perfected in award-winning international projects and producing iconic images that evoke a lasting effect on the viewer, long after. Ofir possesses excellent team management skills, dedication, and a genuine and sincere desire to tell a story through visual means. His works are characterized by the rare combination of a deep understanding of aesthetics, beauty, technology, VFX, and post-production.

In recent years, Ofir has developed feature projects, while seamlessly working as a creative director at Artlist, where he has written, directed, and edited brand and performance commercials that have garnered millions of views worldwide.

His broad and comprehensive experience in the field has developed Ofir into a versatile director who effortlessly masters all the creative tools at his disposal, from writing a concept and screenplay, through cinematography and production, to editing and delivering the final cut.

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