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Yael Shenberger

Yael Shenberger

Costume Designer

Yael is a fashion and costume designer and a graduate of Tel-Aviv University’s Art and Literature Studies. A wardrobe designer in commercials, she has worked with a wide range of local and international clients, such as Yes, Hot, Shufersal, SodaStream, Mifaal HaPais, Strauss, Delta, Telma, Orange Partner and more. Yael was the costume designer in the cult sketch show Hahamishia Hakamerit and on films like Small Step and Breakout. She has also designed the costumes in the video art works of artist Yael Bartana. Her work was showcased in the The Dressing Man exhibition in Haifa Museum. Yael is the head designer in the new, successful clothing company ATA, and is nominated for the Best Designer Award this year.