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Itay Gross

Itay Gross

Itay Gross is an Israeli cinematographer, and one of leading and prominent cinematographers of his generation in Israel. He was nominated for an Israeli Academy Award for his work in the film IN BETWEEN. He’s an alumni of AFI and NYU Cinematography and film departments. A member of the European Federation of Cinematographers and the Bulgarian Association of Cinematographers.
Splits his time between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, and works in both.
Since 2004 Itay worked in Israel, the US and Europe as a DP in narrative and documentary feature films. TV shows, commercials and music videos.
IN BETWEEN, a feature Itay shot in Israel, was nominated for 12 Israeli Academy Awards, distributed in theatres worldwide, and screened and won awards at TIFF, Cannes, The Moma and more. EXCISION, a feature Itay shot in LA, screened at Sundance and won awards worldwide. FAUDA, a Netflix original world renowned action-drama TV show, in which Itay was 2nd Unit DP in season 2, won the Israeli Academy Award for Cinematography and is airing in over 200 countries.
HAVEROT, in which Itay was DP in season 4, is one of Israel’s most popular and successful TV shows.