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Lior Harlev

Lior Harlev


Lior is a director, creator and visual artist. With a 20-year experience in the creative world, Lior has worked in almost every format and genre in filmmaking, his portfolio consisting of commercials, music videos, short films and features. Lior combines a wide and rich range of abilities with bursting creativity and a hunger to create something novel every time. He specializes in directing actors, humor and car commercials, attracted to projects that demand an original approach to telling a good story. With a distinctive style and artistic touch, Lior brings his versatile vision to the traditional formats as well as to the new media, making him one of the more unique talents. His feature, We Are Not Alone, got the support of the Israeli Film Fund, screened at several international festivals and won the Golden Remi Award at the Houston Film Festival. In recent years, Lior has showcased his digital stills, video art and mix media works at exhibitions and festivals worldwide.