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Stav Shaffir

Miki Yaron

Miki Yaron


Miki Yaron, since a young age has been creating, filming and directing video clips and sketches.
After beeing discharged from military service he quickly joined the core of the Israeli local industry and was responsible, among others, for commercials and skits with millions in views on TV and over the web. He proceeded to become an in-house director of photography and director for Reshet network television’s digital content devision, as well as acting as the media producer and director for Israeli politician and parliament member Stav Shafir for three years, receiving a high level of exposure.

Miki has a tight comical sense, accompanied by a unique esthetic sense, with deep understanding of post-production, allowing the ability to refine a moment and make it unforgettable. Sharpness, creativity, feel and precision coming together into a whole that can be identified and attributed to his style throughout each and every one of his distinct projects.