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Tom Riechart

Tom Riechart


Tom (Thomas) Riechart is an Israeli-born Director of Photography. Drawn to cinematography from an early age, Tom graduated from one of Israel’s top film schools with a concentration in cinematography and served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Spokesperson’s Film Unit as Chief Cinematographer. He specializes in commercial work, short films and music videos, and his work has been featured on international television, digital platforms, and film festivals around the world.

Every script and concept that Tom takes on is guaranteed a final visual product that meets the expectations and even exceeds them due to Tom’s complete immersion in the project and its purpose, utilizing the resources available to him to their full extent. Tom delivers, time and time again, visual work that meets top American industry standards, from which has been drawing inspiration throughout his career.

Beyond his professionalism, work ethic and high standards that push him to deliver his best work on every project, Tom is a creative partner who constantly strives for a peaceful and seamless work environment which ensures that each and every one of his projects is a success.