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iPhone 12 — Apple

AirPods Max — Journey into Sound

Glad He's Gone

Tove Lo

Gal Muggia

Gal Muggia


Gal is a director, screenwriter and editor. He started out directing and editing music videos at a very young age, garnering interest around the world and millions of views on the web. The music video he directed for Coldplay, Up&Up, earned him a Grammy nomination and numerous awards, including at the MTV VMA’s and Cannes. His other music videos, for artists such as Lola Marsh, Hadag Nahash, Adi Ulmansky, and Dudu Tassa, were also nominated for top awards and celebrated worldwide. Gal is also a writer and editor, with a deep understanding of the postproduction process, which is perhaps why his work feels so coherent and consistent in its fresh and fantastical vision. He supplies his clients with extremely original videos, rich with sophisticated and magical visual effects, going above and beyond their expectations. Gal is currently working on a feature film.